Design and durability that took the industry into new territory.


For more than four decades, Tufport has been designing and manufacturing rugged, good looking Industrial Grade Truck Canopies, Industrial Grade Truck Caps, Mobile Treatment Centres, Emergency Transport Vehicle Off-road Ambulances, and Industrial Grade Truck Slide-Ins, that stand out from anything else on the market, yet have an esthetic that complements any modern pick-up.

Tufport has become an industry leader by designing and manufacturing these best-in-class, cost-effective, industrial grade truck slide-in units, from our Canadian headquarters, to service markets throughout North America.

From day one, we have been a family business committed to identifying our clients’ needs and having the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to them.

Whether it’s our Mobile Treatment Centres (the first and only to pass extreme roll-over tests) playing a crucial role in helping injured workers, or Industrial Grade Truck Slide-In Canopies making it easier for you to work and play out in the field, we’re proud that our name is synonymous with leadership, quality and value.

You own a Tufport. You own the best.

Check out our full line of industrial grade truck canopies, including medical, adventure and utility truck slide-in units.

Tufport Slide-Ins : An Introduction


You Own a Tufport. You Own the Best! 
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