Carry it the cool way

The Climate Control Tufport™ slide-in turns your truck into a portable fridge or freezer

Long lasting and durable, the industrial grade sandwich-core composite construction is surprisingly light at only 800lbs. Thick R12 insulation in all four sides, roof, and floor keeps your product cool.

You can trust your Tufport™ to store and protect your most valuable cargo and provide unrivaled value today and for years to come. Our commitment to building the world’s most durable, longest lasting slide-in units means that every Tufport™ we make is designed to outlive any pick–up truck on the market today. Thanks to their universal fit, you can quickly transfer your Tufport™ to a new truck at any time and be back on the job within minutes.


FIST – Better trees, lower costs

The FIST (Fiberglass Insulated Seedling Transport) represents a quality breakthrough in seedling transport. By maintaining lower temperatures, increasing seedling respiration, and reducing handling, the FIST reduces seedling stress and increases seedling survival. The result: a healthy, vigorous plantation.

The large capacity of 20,000 boxed seedlings—a day's work for your tree planting crew—means fewer field caches. Reduced handling and easy-access adjustable racks reduce labor, back injuries, and potential workers compensation claims. Rubber floor mats protect from slips/falls and spiked boots.

Easily mounted on any full size pickup, the FIST tree planting equipment unit is versatile. It is trailerable, and can be fitted for helicopter lifts to remote areas. And, when it's not carrying seedlings, the FIST easily transports camp equipment and tree planting supplies.


KOOL-HAUL – The cold way

Insulated transport for your fresh or frozen goods has never been so easy. The KOOL-HAUL slide-in unit installs easily into any full-size pickup truck and removes the need for a dedicated transport vehicle. Add the optional refrigeration/reefer units and the KOOL-HAUL becomes a mobile fridge or freezer.

The sanitary white gelcoat interior walls are easy to clean, and the two full-size rear doors make loading easy. You’ll be surprised at how much will fit into the 275 cubic foot interior.


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You Own a Tufport. You Own the Best! 
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