Climate Control Slide-in Features

Tufport Climate Controlled Industrial Grade Truck Slide-Ins are designed to make it easier to bump up your bottom line by keeping your cargo as fresh as possible as well as making it easier for you to load, transport and deliver it. The simplicity and durability of each climate controlled unit -- from the galvanized steel rear door frame with stainless steel piano hinges, to the bolted aluminum angle shelf supports and the Vetner Roof Vent wind propelled air exhaust -- guarantees your investment will carry your business far into the future.

Standard Features

Climate Control Slide-in
  • Composite sandwich core contruction, using R12 high density foam.
  • Galvanized steel rear door frame, with stainless steel piano hinges on doors.
  • Bolted aluminum 2" x 2" angle shelf supports.
  • Integrated wall and roof reinforcing with kiln dried spruce.
  • Lockable security with galvanized steel door latch.
  • White gelcoat color to reflect heat.
  • Slide-in design fits any full size pick up truck.
  • Safety non-skid 3/8" rubber floor mat.
  • Easy to clean interior.
  • One year warranty.
  • Payload of 3000 lbs.
  • Two full-size rear cargo doors for easy pallet/bin loading.
  • Flettner Roof Vent wind propelled air exhaust, 41 cu/ft per minute per 10 mph wind (FIST Only).


  • Brophy Cable Jacks (pair)
    • Freestanding jacks with tripod base making removing slide-in units simple. Capacity 2,000 lbs (set of 2), disassembles to 3 pieces each.
  • Frame Mount Installation Kit
    • Secure your seedling transport with our galvanized frame mount brackets.
    • Using existing factory pre-drilled holes on the frame of your pickup truck, simply bolt on the 90 degree brackets, and bolt through your truck box into the side-in unit.
    • Secured with 3/8" galvanized carriage bolts through square holes
      in a plate to align with matching holes on frame mount brackets.
    • Secure with flat washer/lock washer and nut.
    • Check tightness periodically. (Set of 4, on each corner)


  • Interior Tie Downs
    • Secure your load with these flat or vertically mounted recessed "D" ring tie downs (set of 4)
  • Wind Deflector
    • This aerodynamic style will increase vehicle stability, engine performance, transmission and tire life, and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Refrigeration
    • Optional refrigeration / reefer units available for frozen goods.
      Factory Installation
  • Helicopter lift option for remote use

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