TUFPORT™ industrial grade slide-ins FAQ

Answers to many common questions are provided below (click on the question to display the answer). If you question is not answered here, please contact us for the information you need.

What is a slide-in?

A slide-in is a one piece fully enclosed molded composite fiberglass body designed to easily fit any pick up truck. At any time, it can be transferred to another truck with tools and equipment intact.

Will a slide-in fit a short-box truck?

Each slide-in is made to order and can be built to fit short or long box full size pick up trucks.

re your slide-ins cab height?

We don’t manufacture a cab height slide-in. All of our slide-ins are higher than the roof of the truck cab.

Are they insulated?

Our slide-in units can be ordered with a seven layer reflective insulation barrier which is fire rated, mildew and mold resistant and helps reduce interior condensation, it is then lined with an smooth inner fiberglass liner. The R-value of the insulation is 9.8.

What is the warranty?

Tufport™ will provide repairs to the unit during the warranty period. This warranty covers repairs to correct any defect related to materials or workmanship. The complete slide-in unit is covered for one year.

What is the lead time to receive an order?

You can expect that once your order is placed that it will take approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on the time of year.

Will the Medical Tufport fit a short box truck?

We do not recommend that a Tufport Medical unit be installed on a short box truck as the unit is 8’ long. Warranty will be invalid.

How long does it take to install a MTC?

It takes on average 4 hours to install the MTC on a truck.

How long does it take to install a van top?

It ranges from 3 hours to a full day for a van top installation.

Do you have any dealers in the US?

Yes. Kanopy Kingdom carries Utility units, and Terra Tech carries Climate Control. See our Dealer Finder page for more details.

Do you ship to the US?

Yes, please call us for a freight quote to your location. We will need the city and zip code.

What is an overcab extension?

It is an optional molded composite part that extends over the cab of the truck.

What is the benefit of the overcab extension?

The benefit of the overcab extension is that it provides additional storage space and its aerodynamic design helps reduce wind resistance.

What is CMVSS?

Transport Canada Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Sandards. For more information on CMVSS, please visit www.tufport.com/cmvss-certification.

How do you attach the slide-in to the truck?

Mounting a slide-in unit to a truck can be done in two ways. For heavy, off-road use we suggest frame mounting the unit where four galvanized steel brackets are bolted to chassis frame and unit is bolted down through truck box to brackets on frame. This is mandatory for all Medical Tufport slide-in units. For average highway use a cross member mount is adequate and is bolted through in four places through the cross members of the truck box.

What colours are available?

All slide-in units come are manufactured with Mega-yacht quality white gelcoat which protects the units from fading, osmosis and overall fatigue.

Where can I find a dealer?

Visit our Dealer Finder page at http://www.tufport.com/dealer-finder.

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