The TUFPORT™ Medical Mobile Treatment CentrE: The Leader in Workplace Safety


Workplace safety standards have evolved, and so have our units. Since Tufport's first Industrial Ambulance, every detail of the newly designed Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Center has been engineered with the benefit of industry-leading experience. Our practical and comprehensive list of standard features has been developed through years of feedback from loyal customers.

Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Centers have been tested in the field and are built for emergency situations. When mounted in the bed of a four wheel drive capable truck a Tufport slide-in MTC is safe on everything from a poorly maintained mud road to a multi-lane highway.


Tufport MTC's meet or exceed vehicle safety standards, the Canadian Motor Vehicle and Safety Standards in Canada and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the USA.

Over 15 years we've proven that Tufport fibreglass MTC's are lighter and more rugged than city ambulances, outlast costly SUV's and are safer than weaker aluminum campers.

When accidents happen, wood-frame aluminium units simply do not stand up. Tufport's MTC's have consistently survived roll-over accidents. Our rugged fibreglass construction and welded-steel roll cage will keep your patient and first aid attendant safe in roll-overs.

The Tufport MTC is a versatile choice, whatever your safety needs. Whether you are in a remote worksite or providing first aid for an urban event, the Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Center fits your demands.

The Tufport MTC is a dual-purpose unit. Any worksite needs both a first-aid room and an ambulance. With the Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Center, you have both. With over 6 feet of standing room, your first aid attendant can easily provide treatment for workers, saving you the cost of an additional first-aid trailer on site.

Every workplace has a specific level health and safety that needs to be adhered to. We encourage you to visit the WorkSafeBC website to view the recommended minimum levels of first aid and equipment guidelines that you require for your workplace.


  • transports two injured workers on stretchers and one first aid attendant
  • 6 foot interior height
  • includes sink with running water
  • may be used in place of a first aid facility or emergency vehicle

Please see the Tech Specs, Standard Features, and Optional Features for more information.

Easily mounted on any full size 8’ bed pickup, Tufport's off-road ambulances provide a more sensible solution than permanently dedicated vehicles. Each durable MTC will outlast several trucks, and when necessary can be moved easily to available vehicles.


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