TUFPORT™ Medical Mobile Treatment Center Features

Emergency medical situations are as diverse as the people who need help. Why settle for an expensive ambulance that won’t always go where, and when, you need it to?

Standard ambulances often have trouble negotiating adverse weather conditions like ice and snow, adding double digits to crucial response times. As a result, many municipalities across North America are now relying on the Tufport Mobile Treatment Center (MTC) to keep their citizens safe.

Our industry has rigorous engineering standards. The MTC exceeds those standards in every category (see our specs), continually evolving in our understanding of what you need, then incorporating those features into each new model.


  • Built with Fibermold Technology
  • Universal fit bolts into the bed of any full-size pick-up
  • Composite laminate construction reinforced in stress-critical areas
  • Insulated and fully finished sanitary white fiberglass interior
  • "Mega Yacht" quality gelcoat
  • Rubber anti-slip flooring
  • Two stage locking paddle handle
  • Stainless steel fasteners, hardware, and door hinges
  • Frame mounted bolt down system
  • Integral reinforcing for mounting medical equipment
  • Heavy duty aluminum ventilator for dust reduction
  • Safety glass windows
  • Sliding cab window with window boot for communicating with driver
  • Emergency escape exit
  • Reinforced and padded squat benches with seat belts
  • Steel roll cage meets Transport Canada's compliance regulations
  • Accommodates up to two patients and an attendant
  • One year warranty


  • Overhead storage cabinet
  • Rear access stair
  • Fire extinguisher class ABC
  • "First Aid" and "Mobile Treatment Center" exterior lettering
  • Reflective exterior safety striping
  • "No Smoking" decal


  • Switch panel with 12 volt fuses
  • Duplex receptacle 120 VAC
  • Exterior 120 VAC outlets


  • Hot water heater with 2 speed fan and ceramic heater 120 VAC


  • Stainless steel sink with faucet, hot and cold on-demand water
  • Removable 5 gallon fresh and grey water containers
  • Water heater 6 gallon


Remote locations make access to needed medical care much more difficult and time consuming. Minutes and hours count, and additional supplies and storage requirements within your ambulance may mean the difference between life and death. These options are available at extra cost.

  • Upgrade to Dual Fan Heater
  • Upgrade to Halogen Flood Lamp
  • Additional Overhead Storage Cabinet
    • 49"L x 9"D x 11"H
  • Brophy Cable Jacks (pair)
    • Freestanding jacks with tripod base making removing slide-in units simple. Capacity 2,000 lbs (set of 2), disassembles to 3 pieces each.
  • Frame Mount Installation Bracket
    • This is the only acceptable way to bolt your first aid unit to your truck frame/chassis (qty 4).
  • Ambulance Install Kit - Complete
    • Comes with:
      • Frame mount brackets
      • 12 Volt electrical
      • Water system connection

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