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Capitalize on the large, lucrative and fast growing safety business.


Rent out or lease the Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Center (MTC): a first aid unit mounted on a pickup truck to provide safety service on site to remote work places.

MTCs are a government safety requirement to have on site at remote work places for companies, their employees, and subcontractors. Easily frame-mounted on a full size pickup truck, MTCs slide-in like a camper.  The added benefit is that they are outfitted as a medical first aid rescue module. MTCs can be mounted on your own leased truck or on a customer’s vehicle.

With customers paying for any damages to the unit or for excessive cleaning, either way, the suggested rental rate of $1200.00 per month plus installation of $695.00 is a lucrative investment. It’s easy to be creative to find ways to make the most out of your investment; extra income can be made by providing installation, transferring the MTC to different company trucks, or removal; rent the MTC supplied with medical equipment; provide rent-to-own financing; the ideas are endless. An MTC unit can be rented for up to 10 years, allowing maximum time for return on investment and benefit. Tufport’s MTCs are known to hold their value so part of the initial investment may be recouped after years of rental.

By regulation, MTC’s must be kept clean for sanitary treatment purposes. Durable composite construction and high-quality gel coat finish requires minimal maintenance. Since an MTC is not operational machinery, and worker accident rates declining, minimal wear and tear will likely occur while rented. If damaged, fiberglass can be easily repaired.

Tufport MTCs meet or exceed Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS – USA). Feel confident you are providing a safe MTC for your customers to rent.

Potential exists for year round rental to industries such as oil and gas, pipelines, mining, road construction, forestry, hydroelectric projects, to name a few.

Safety is an expanding industry with long term potential. Tufport MTCs have a proven demand for more than 20 years with thousands produced.

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