Tufport Truck Canopies Testimonials

 Tufport has a long history of building elite quality industrial fiberglass and composite products designed to perform far into the future.

 We’ll let our customers, from all walks of life, tell you why their Canadian made Tufport Industrial Grade Truck Slide-In Canopies are the best tools they could find for the wide range of situations and environments they find themselves in.

 Here are some of their stories...

What a game changer. I contemplated this for years and glad I finally talked myself into it. Tufport Industries in Vancouver did an amazing job and their customer service was some of the best I've had. Friendly, professional and efficient.

- Chad

10/10 overall experience. Extremely satisfied and very appreciative that there is such a wonderful company that offers such an amazing Canadian product that definitely will change the way we travel and camp. Thank you so much!

- Chrissi and Bob

Trina and I are extremely happy with Tufport's product and service. We needed a rugged top for off road use with our Chevy Express Quigley 4x4 camper conversion project. Great people and a very durable product. 

- Keith Hollett

We found Tufport through the Western Forestry Contactors’ Association (WFCA). We decided to buy from Tufport because the FISTs are the best product on the market because of their durability and efficiency.  When our customers see that we use Tufport’s FISTs, they know their trees are going to have a much higher survival rate compared to other methods of transporting seedlings.

We’ve bought 7 Tufport FIST units over last 10 years and I estimate we have planted 4 or 5 million trees in that time.

Our relationship with Tufport is a 10 out of 10. Tufport has great customer support and service.  They accommodates our needs very well and they are always ready to help us out when we need it.   

I would recommend Tufport FISTs because they are the best in the industry. 

- Francois Sauvé, Leader Silviculture

My Toyota 4x4 (first a 1986 and currently a 1990) has carried a Fibermold canopy for over 150,000 kms.  Other than the usual dings and scratches that one expects from backroading, the unit is in perfect condition.  I expect to get many more kilometers out of the canopy.  In fact, if it fits, I’ll install it on my next Toyota 4x4.

My unit is fully built-in with a very comfortable bed and loads of storage.  The insulation provides for cozy nights during those late fall hunts.

I have no hesitation recommending the Fibermold canopy to anyone contemplating the purchase of a complete off-road camperette.

- George Will, BC Outdoors

I would like to add my name to the list of people who have endorsed the Horizon Fiberglass Box Liner.  I purchased Horizon’s Box Liner in 1980 for my ¾ ton delivery vehicle.  It survived under 2,500 lb. loads and constant battering from steel drums and pallets, remaining in remarkably good shape.

I would heartily recommend Horizon’s product to anyone considering the purchase of a Box Liner.

- J.R. Cowgill, Gwil Industries Inc.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help that you have given us.  We are extremely pleased with the overall design and quality of the MTC you provided to Geo Med.  Needless to say our clients are also very happy with your product.

We have ordered another truck and expect delivery in March 1995.  We have some ideas we would like incorporated in our next insert.  After some more field use we will be able to confirm what changes we would like in the next one we order.

Once again please pass on our appreciation to your staff on the quality of workmanship and service provided.

- Don Wagner

It was good to meet you again today as a result of purchasing a new truck and having you transfer my Fibermold canopy from my old truck to my new one.

As we discussed, I purchased a new Fibermold Model 4000SI slide in canopy equipped with dual double cargo doors, sliding screened side windows, heavy duty roof rack, insulated head liner, interior lights, and interior tie downs from you in October 1994.  You also did the installation on my 1986 Ford diesel 4x4 at the time.  This new unit replaced an older conventional competing brand of canopy which had become structurally weak and potentially unsafe.

I have now had almost nine years’ use of this unit on my ’86 Ford, and it still looks like new inside and out.  We use the truck for hauling everything from camping gear and small boats to back-roading and sleeping in the canopy. Can you believe, hauling mushroom manure for my wife’s garden in the spring, (using a plastic throw sheet) and still having an odour free camping unit?  The inside washes up so well inside and out with a good sanitizing solution that we can load anything else soon after into it without any problems.

The unit is built strong.  It travels down the freeway or a rough backroad quietly and safely when fully loaded or empty.  It does not leak in dust to any noticeably extent and remains perfectly dry inside during a downpour.

Naturally, when I considered buying a new 2003 Ford truck, a primary consideration was to be able to transfer my Fibermold slide in to the new truck, even though we have already had nine years of service from it.  I believe it will last for as many trucks as I will ever own.

I valued you excellent initial installation service, and again now in transferring the unit to the new truck.  I sincerely hope sales continue to grow for your well designed quality line of products.

- Jim Alcock

Alberta Industrial Ambulance Service is based out of High Level, Alberta and services oil and gas, forestry, and other industries in Northern Alberta and BC.  We have found our Horizon Fiberglass MTC & ETV both capable of withstanding the harsh elements of ice and bush roads we take them through.  Treating patients is made much easier due to the logical design and well-conceived layout of the interiors.  They are well built, easy to maintain and have clean lines to their shell.  A comment from our main oil & gas industrial ambulance coordinator, Ian Rossiter, EMR, “no matter where we took these units they delivered.  They are tough enough to withstand barreling through cut-lines in -30C weather without a scratch, and they look good when driving up to a work site.”

- Gord Burnell, Aeromedical Emergency Services

Just a huge thank you for your excellent service and giving 100% to helping us out.

- Frank and Barb Schnurr

Just a quick note regarding the above truck canopies.

We purchased two canopies in 1984 and one canopy in 1987.  We also ordered an additional two canopies for our sister company, Systematic Fire Control, in 1987.

You will be please to know all five canopies are still on the road.  We have gone through three sets of trucks but the canopies have stayed the same.  Maintenance has been negligible with the exception of some hardware.  The warranty was two years, but could have been twenty years considering the condition and durability.

As far as our equipment purchases, this was one of our better investments.  Fiberglass was the way to go.

Please feel free to use us as a reference if necessary.  Our apologies for not purchasing anything lately, but after all, our canopies are like new.

- Grant Somerville, Interior Fire & Safety Ltd.

I run a garage and industrial door business and have had my Fibermold since 1993.  Many times I have had customers ask me where I bought the unit and have been happy to inform them. I have been very pleased with my Fibermold canopy and have always found the people at your company easy to work with.

- Dennis Baitz

I was buying a new truck and was also in the market for a new canopy.  I spoke with other people and some recommended Fibermold canopies.  My previous canopy was made of wood and then covered with aluminum, but it leaked, so this time I purchased this fiberglass canopy.  Fiberglass is definitely more durable, reduced the damage on my truck in a rear-end accident due to the strength of the canopy.

I purchased my truck 25 years ago and still remember the day I bought this “paint matching” unit in February of 1993.  How many people have the same vehicle with the same canopy on it for 25 years?  It has 500,000 kilometers on it with the original paint.  It has had some minor repairs but it’s as good as new again.  Still looks good!

I work in construction and so I went for the lift gate style because I can still use my tailgate for extra length when I am transporting lumber and it also keeps the wood dry.  This canopy allows me to close the door with two 5’ x 10’ sheets of wood in it, and since my canopy has the cab-over feature, I can fit 11-foot pieces of wood in and close the door.

I get pulled over all the time with people asking me where I got it.  I would recommend Tufport canopies to anyone.

- Ervin

“I bought a new truck in 1999 but waited until 2003 to buy a canopy.  I should have bought it right away, though. It’s a custom size because on BC Ferries, until recently, you used to have to pay for overheight.  I’ve used this canopy for everything.  I’ve hauled two boats at once, one on the roof and one in the unit itself, I’ve hauled logs in it, I’ve used it as a ladder, and I’ve hit trees with it.  My son’s girlfriend actually ran into the garage with it but all it did was damage the garage. There isn’t one crack in it yet!  Every year I go on a camping trip way into the wild and I feel secure in it.  There’s no condensation compared with some of those campers.  I’ve been on the roof a number of times.  It’s tough and you can go anywhere. Here we are in 2017 and I’m buying a new truck and transferring the canopy onto it.  I love this canopy and I won’t ever be selling it.”

- Tom Zawila

"I have one of your canopies on my 1982 Toyota longbox pickup...(I live in the Yukon)...I have enjoyed my canopy for many years, and have a smug sense of satisfaction every time a see a disintegrating rival brand canopy."

- D. Currie

"It’s been one year since I’ve had my slide-in fiberglass canopy for my truck. I have fitted a folding bed which is removable. The canopy/camper has proved to be great for our fishing and hunting trips as all other equipment can be stored under the bed. I’d also like to mention that your service has been excellent. Thanks."

- Jim Stone, New Westminster, BC

"The unit is working out very well! Fibermold and Patrick both did a great job! I should have done this 10 years ago. Thanks."

- Charlie Wray, Portland Prairie Embryo Services

"Thanks for a great product. I thought at the time it was a lot of money—but now I believe it was one of my best buys ever. Thanks to all of you at Horizon Fibermold."

- Dennis Baitz, President, The Door Pro

"The big deal is that my Fibermold canopy outlasted 3 trucks & over 400,000 km. Yes, it gave me great service and helped me build my business from a one man band to a formidable company. I now employ fourteen people. These last couple of years I haven’t been on the road much, and that’s why I’m going to sell the unit. I figure after 10 years I’ll only lose 25-40%…and that’s if someone really ‘grinds’ me."

- Anonymous

"I have been using the Tufport™ Mobile Treatment Center (MTC) since day one of my company. It is hard to believe that 11 years have flown by. I have always thought that you should buy the best quality to give your business and customers the maximum potential. The Tufport MTC is a superior unit and has enabled me to build a strong reputable company. The fiberglass unit is used as an industrial ambulance in the oil patch. The units hold up very well in the north. They have stood up well on bump treacherous roads, extreme weather conditions, and the odd accident. Never to have wrecked the integrity of the unit. They are light weight, easy to clean and never show their age. In the ever changing medical industry, Tufport™ has always kept one step ahead with their product and new regulations. They have always been interested in how the MTC is working for me and have used suggestion to improve and tailor for oil patch needs. The units always out last the trucks. They are easy to transfer and always look good on a Chevrolet. (preferably burgundy). I highly recommend them not only for their product, but also for their customer service."

- Tania Marshall, Koala-“T” First Aid Service Inc.

"I took your advice and contacted Jennifer Walker and looked at the T55. I liked it so much I bought it and had the camper attached to the frame of my 2001 GMC Sonoma. What makes the T55 superior to other campers, in my opinion, is 1.) its light weight, 2.) bare-bones shell allowing the buyer to furnish his own appliances for his own needs and 3). no license for Washington State since under five feet high. Also 4.) the high-quality door that can be locked, unlocked and opened from the inside and 5.) it comes with no windows on the sides if you prefer privacy."

- Harold Hemenway

"Tony bought his first Fibermold (before it was Tufport™) canopy in 1998 and used it for his concrete cutting and sawing business. He recently brought it back to the factory for further modifications and the pictures show that the canopy is still functional and excellent condition. He was putting his refurbished canopy on his FOURTH truck, having outlasted three previous trucks with 380,000 km behind him. “I looked at a 20 year old Fibermold canopy and it was just as strong as the day it was built. It’s a one-time investment and you’re good to go”. He looked at other truck canopies and found that the Tufport™ canopies utilized the space well, were very durable and had the highest capacity versus the canopy with sloped sides, therefore losing important storage space. Tony has used his Tufport™ canopy for ATV storage, seven years as a Cub Scott leader to travel with the all the Cubs and their gear for outdoor trips."

- Tony, Prowest Sawing & Drilling

"Well, wouldn’t you know it—10 years just flew by. I thought you should know that since I bought my first Fibermold canopy—custom lift gate included—I have received hundreds of compliments on the ‘sturdy appearance’; ‘nice looking’; and ‘perfect for your kind of work’ canopy. That kind of makes a guy feel...‘OK’"

- Anonymous

"In 2000 I had one of your Fibermold slide-in units installed on my 1 ton Ford 4x4. I travel on gravel roads daily running my logging operation and have to say that my Fibermold has stood up really well, with no signs of cracking or hardware coming loose, not like some of the other caps I have tried ... Keep up the good work."

- Pine Star Logging, Prince George, BC

"On April 24th, 2010, a medic with CALA was driving home from a nightshift on Hwy 881 from Fort McMurrary to Lac La Biche, Northern Alberta. She is an experienced driver with formal driver training (NAPD) and was no stranger to the icy and slushy road conditions that occurred that night. To avoid a deer on the road, the driver braked and swerved. The truck slid off the road into a ditch and then went up the embankment before completely rolling over and coming to rest on the driver side of the truck. The one- ton truck was a write-off. The Tufport Medical MTC had only sustained a few minor cracks in the overcab portion of the unit. In fact, the overcab on the MTC prevented the truck cab from being crushed, potentially saving the life of the driver inside the truck at the time of the accident. Additionally, the overcab prevented the windshield from breaking protecting the driver from broken glass. The interior of the MTC did not sustain any damage. Colleen Wiebe is the owner of CALA Environment, Safety and Wellness, located in Lac La Biche. Her industrial medical fleet consists of 16 Tufport Medical MTC’s. She purchased her first MTC in 2005 and has never looked back. “This accident has demonstrated that the Tufport Medical MTC is the toughest. It is able to withstand a complete rollover and still remain completely intact with little damage and is a testament to the quality of the unit."

- Colleen Wiebe, CALA Environment, Safety and Wellness

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