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Dear Krista,

It was nice to receive your email- I think it would be great to see our Unit in TUFPORT's photo gallery. I did a lot of work on our unit to get it how it looks today. We added a lot of features and things to the patient compartment and of course the outside of the unit being lettered and striped. I have been a professional Firefighter / Paramedic for over 24 years including a Critical Care Paramedic and Flight Medic. I have done a lot of work designing and striping Fire Trucks and Rescue Units (Ambulances). When we received our first TUFPORT insert I was skeptical about how it was going to work for what we needed it for or how it would hold up. We use our units in rough terrain and in extreme heat during the summer months in southwest Texas. We provide EMS support to the Oil Field and pipeline workers.

We operate our units through rocky terrain, sand, mud, mesquite trees, cactus and ravines getting to where the pipeline is being drilled and strung. Now let me say ... "WOW" I'm impressed!! Your product is outstanding!! And holding up GREAT! The only issue we have had is with the rear door tweaking and not sealing good from time to time.

We did have an A/C unit installed which was highly needed and had another one of your cabinets installed on the other side in the patient compartment We removed the higher cushion and installed straps to hold our EMS bags in place. The only thing I wish we would have done was, get the TUFPORT insert with the stretcher configuration. I also would have liked to seen a system in the patient compartment to hold backboards. But, overall this is an awesome product and has performed very well and has withstood the rugged work load and terrain we have put it through.


Dale Ruhnau Signature
Dale W. Ruhnau, EMT-P /CCP-C / FP-C


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