Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Centre

Unsurpassed Safety

Tufport is pushing safety thresholds higher for Mobile Treatment Centres!

We didn’t just ace the test, we asked for a bigger challenge.

The side-load compression test is just one of the 32 tests that Tufport’s Medical Mobile Treatment Center has undergone.

Lateral Compression Test

The Tufport Medical Mobile Treatment Center has exceeded all North American testing requirements.  These tests have been conducted and verified by an independent third party engineer.

Relying on old technology isn’t worth the gamble. Automotive safety features from seat belts to airbags have evolved. In the same way, MTCs must continue to incorporate new technologies to keep people safe in the field and on our roads.

All ambulances produced in North America must meet specific structural strength requirements designed to protect both patients and staff in the event of a roll-over. Tufport MTCs exceed even the most stringent Canadian requirements for side load compression.

No other MTC meets this standard. Why? The answer is in our design and construction.


View Safety Standards Met by our MTC

View side-load compression test details page

View side-load compression test PDF

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